Support Page

In this part of the documentation, we will show you how to customize the support page of the SaaSBold boilerplate to provide user support information.

The support page is essential for providing users with a way to get help and resolve their issues promptly.

import Support from "@/components/Support";


The default support page includes a form for users to enter their full name, email, and message and additional information about opening a support ticket.

  • Support Form: A form where users can enter their details and messages to request support.

  • Additional Help Information: Text provides additional information on getting help or opening a support ticket.

Steps to Customize

Locate the Support Page Component File: Open the Support component file located in components/Support/index.tsx.

Update the Support Form: Modify the form fields and labels to match the information you need from users.


Customize Additional Help Information: Update the text providing additional help information to match your support process and resources.

	<h2> Need any help? Just open a support ticketb </h2>
	<p>Our support team will get back to as soon as they can.</p>

Review and Save: After customizing the support page, ensure the form fields and labels are clear and functional. Save the file and verify the changes.


  • Clear and Concise Form: Ensure the support form is easy to fill out and only asks for necessary information.

  • Prompt Response Assurance: Assure users that their support requests will be addressed promptly.

  • Helpful Navigation: Provide clear navigation options to help users easily navigate to other sections of the website.

  • Consistent Branding: Maintain consistent branding, including colors and fonts, to provide a seamless user experience.

By following these steps and tips, you can create an effective support page that helps users get the assistance they need quickly and efficiently.

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