In this section of the documentation, we will show you how to customize the hero area of the SaaSBold boilerplate, including the title, paragraph, call-to-action buttons, and brand showcase.

The hero section is a crucial part of your website. As it is the first thing visitors see, it should effectively convey your product's value proposition.

import Hero from "./Hero";


SaaSBold boilerplate, the default hero section, showcases the following:

  • Title: The main headline immediately conveys your product's core offering.

  • Supporting Headline: A detailed description elaborates on the product's value and features, helping visitors understand its benefits.

  • Call to Action (CTA): A clear and actionable prompt encouraging users to engage with the product, such as trying a demo or signing up.

  • Social Proof: Statements that establish credibility and trust by highlighting the team's expertise or showcasing successful clients and testimonials.

  • Brand Showcase: The logo or other branding elements that reinforce brand identity and recognition.

Steps to Customize the Hero Component

Locate the Hero Component File: Open the Hero component file in components/Home/Hero/index.tsx.

Update the Title: Modify the title to clearly state your product's primary benefit and keyword in 4-7 words.


Update the Supporting description: The supporting paragraph should explain how your product delivers on the promise in the title. Highlight the key features and benefits.


CTA Button

The call-to-action button should start with a verb and prompt the user to act immediately.

<button>Try Demo</button>

Brand Showcase

Update Social Proof Title: Include testimonials or endorsements to build trust and encourage conversions.

<p>Built by the same team behind numerous......</p>

Update Brand Logo: Open the brand data file in components/Home/Hero/brandData.tsx to update the logo to showcase the brands as social proof.

Review and Save: After making the changes, review the updated hero section to ensure it effectively communicates your product's value. Save the file and check the changes.

Tips for Effective Hero Sections

  • Keep It Clear and Concise: The title should be short and concise. Avoid jargon and complex language.

  • Highlight the Pain Point or Benefit: Explain the problem your product solves or the benefit it provides.

  • Strong CTA: Encourage users to take action with a clear and compelling call to action.

  • Visual Appeal (Optional ): Use relevant, high-quality images to help convey your message.

  • Build Trust: Include social Proof, such as top brands using your product endorsements to build credibility.

Following these steps and tips, you can create a compelling hero section that grabs attention, communicates value, and encourages visitors to act.

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