In this part of the documentation, we will demonstrate how to customize the pricing section of the SaaSBold boilerplate to display your pricing plans.

The pricing section is essential for clearly and attractively presenting your product's pricing structure, helping potential customers understand the value, and choosing the plan that best suits their needs.

import Pricing from "./Pricing";


The SaaSBold pricing section in SaaSBold includes a title, description, and three pricing plans. These components work together to present the pricing structure clearly and attractively.

  • Heading: The main title that introduces the pricing section, emphasizing the affordability and simplicity of your plans.

  • Description: Supporting text that provides additional context about the pricing plans and their benefits.

  • Pricing Plans: Different tiers of pricing plans are tailored to various customer needs, each with a specific name, target audience, description, price, features, and a call-to-action button.

Steps to Customize

Locate the Pricing Component File: Open the Pricing component file located in components/Home/Pricing/index.tsx.

Update the Heading: Modify the Title to reflect your pricing strategy and the value offered.

title={"Simple Affordable Pricing"}			

Update the Description: Enhance the description to provide compelling reasons why users should choose your plans.

description="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur..."

Customize Pricing Plans

Locate Pricing Data File: Open the pricing data file located in the pricing/pricingData.ts.

Update Pricing Data: Update each pricing plan with relevant details, including the plan name, target audience, description, price, included features, icon, and call-to-action button text.

	priceId: "price_1ObHbkLtGdPVhGLem0CLA5iT",
	unit_amount: 99 * 100,
	nickname: "Basic",
		"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet dolorol met conse ctetur adipiscing elit.",
	subtitle: "For individuals",
	includes: [
		"All basic features",
		"Up to 1,000,000 tracked visits",
		"Premium email support",
		"Up to 03 team members",
	icon: `/images/pricing/pricing-icon-01.svg`,

Review and Save: After customizing the pricing plans, ensure they are clearly presented and accurately reflect your product's offerings. Save the file and verify the changes.


  • Clarity and Transparency: Ensure pricing details are clear and transparent, helping users understand the value they get for their money.

  • Highlight Key Features: Emphasize the most valuable features included in each plan.

  • Differentiation: Differentiate between pricing plans to help users quickly decide which plan suits their needs best.

By following these steps and tips, you can create an effective pricing section that clearly communicates your pricing strategy and helps potential customers make informed decisions.

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