In this part of the documentation, we will show you how to customize the FAQ section of the SaaSBold boilerplate to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

The FAQ section is crucial for addressing common inquiries and concerns, helping users quickly find the information they need.

import FAQ from "./FAQ";


The SaaSBold FAQ section includes a clear and concise presentation of common questions and answers.

  • Heading: The main title that introduces the FAQ section.

  • Description: Supporting text that provides additional context or an introduction to the FAQs.

  • Questions and Answers: A list of common questions and their corresponding answers, addressing potential user concerns and providing clarity.

Steps to Customize

Locate the FAQ Component File: Open the FAQ component file located in components/Home/FAQ/index.tsx.

Update the Heading: Modify the heading to introduce the FAQ section effectively.

title={"Frequently Ask Questions"}

Update the Description: Enhance the description to provide a brief overview or introduction to the FAQs.

description='Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,.... '

Customize Questions and Answers

Locate Data File: Open the FAQ data file located in the components/Home/FAQ/faqData.ts.

Update FAQ Data: Update each question and answer with relevant details to address common inquiries about your product or service.

	id: 1,
	question: "Does this app offer a free trial period?",
	answer: "All individual Framer subscriptions have been....",

Review and Save: After customizing the FAQ section, ensure each question and answer effectively addresses common user inquiries. Save the file and verify the changes.


  • Clarity and Relevance: Ensure questions are clearly stated and relevant to your users' common concerns.

  • Concise Answers: Provide concise and informative answers to each question.

  • User Feedback: Regularly update the FAQ section based on user feedback and new inquiries.

By following these steps and tips, you can create an effective FAQ section that helps users quickly find answers to their questions, enhancing their overall experience with your product.

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